ARTI® Manager for Real Estate Professionals makes real estate even better with simple and easy to use calculators and references!

Be more efficient in your real estate business with the very best tools from ARTI®! Made for real estate professionals but available to anyone, you can calculate how much you will make on the sale of your home, calculate mortgages, commissions, cap rates, and even easily share with your clients with ease. No logins accepted or required just free, the ARTI® way.

ARTI® takes the guesswork out of property management.


The Property Management SolutionYou’ve Been Looking For

ARTI® Manager makes it easy for tenants to pay their rent. Tenants can pay online through our tenant portal via credit card or bank account. For added convenience you can even set up autopay. For property Managers they can process bank transfers and create automatic owner disbursements.

A calendar that gives you an at-a-glance overview, allowing for instant bookings while also highlighting essential lease action items and rental and cleaning events. With filter options and customizable colors, property managers can efficiently manage and tailor the calendar to their specific needs, ensuring seamless scheduling and optimal organization.

Our bookkeeping services cover a wide spectrum of tasks, including rent and tenant management, offering a holistic solution for financial oversight and tenant data management. Moreover, our system automates late notices and follow-up procedures to ensure prompt rent collection while enabling automated payments, allowing for a seamless and efficient financial workflow that simplifies property management.

Our comprehensive accounting suite within Arti<sup>®</sup> Manager encompasses a full array of financial tools, including online rent payments, automated owner disbursements, and the generation of detailed financial reports for in-depth insights. The system seamlessly manages utility billing, simplifies 1099 tax filing, and automates recurring transactions and invoices for greater efficiency. Additionally, it allows you to effortlessly write and print checks, streamlining your property management financial operations to save you time and effort.

A robust tool that offers automated field merging, allowing for quick and seamless document preparation. It facilitates both signer and originator signatures, with support for multiple input types and customized signatures, ensuring a flexible and user-friendly signing experience. Once executed, documents are automatically emailed to relevant parties and are readily available for download, streamlining the document management process and enhancing efficiency.

A range of website design features, including expert SEO services and Google AdWords services to optimize online visibility and reach. We also offer domain management to streamline your online presence, ensuring a comprehensive and effective online platform for your property management business.

Seamless rental reservations and near-instant background checks to streamline tenant screening. It also includes rental listing syndication to broaden your property’s exposure, dynamic calendars for efficient scheduling, and task and work order tracking to enhance property maintenance. Additionally, the software automates rent increases and provides secure document storage for easy access to essential lease and rental documents.

User-friendly online reservation system, allowing for both unit-specific and general reservations. With availability checking tools and optional services selection, guests can customize their stay seamlessly. The system also enables the collection of payments during the reservation process, providing convenience for both property managers and guests, and it sends confirmation emails to ensure a smooth and well-informed booking experience.

Our mobile app is designed with user simplicity in mind and is available for both Apple and Android devices. With features such as the ability to run background checks, upload property images, edit work orders, receive payments, and complete rental applications on the go, it provides property managers with a convenient and efficient solution for managing properties and streamlining tasks from the palm of their hands.


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Peace of Mind

Secure and seamless. A reliable solution. ARTI® Manager will help you find quality tenants for all of your properties.


“My business went from startup to professional overnight. Its systems have decreased employee cost in time and compensation. The store front for my tenants and landlords has given them confidence in me and my abilities. For all that are involved we are having a great time using it and growing our business!”

Jared Horsley


“LOVE THIS SOFTWARE! Makes my life so much easier. Running a 28 unit complex and this has saved my life. Love the tenant invoicing system. The way I can email straight to the tenant and also except credit cards. I have used yardi and other software and for me this is by far the most user friendly.”

Victoria Vilardi


“I won’t have to make so many trips to the bank or handle payments from so many people. We can better track payments and balancer our accounts, and homeowners will know just where they stand at all times.”

Mark Hilgefort